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Hi my name is Artur and welcome to my website showcasing my crafts.

Here, you will find unique handcrafted wood pieces lovingly made, with fine attention to detail from start to finish.

I have always had a love for carpentry for as long as I can remember when my grandfather gave me my first chisel.

Then I knew I wanted to develop in this profession .

I worked in local workshops and graduated from carpentry and technical school in 2004.

In the same year I moved to London and throughout the years  worked in many workshops, gaining new experiences and techniques .

Since moving to Kent a few years ago I've invested time in carving from wood. Inspired by nature I have been carving birds and other animals and started giving them as gifts for friends. This has now turned into a passion.

Carpentry is an amazing profession and being a carpenter was always my dream, to be a creator of things that can be used in everyday life and as gifts to make people happy .

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